Quality Assurance

Pivotone has well established quality management system in operation for over 10 years to assure quality for our product and services provided to our customers, which has been audited and qualified by our customers worldwide.

The Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance are conducted by the entire organization from customer inquiry to final product delivery and after sales services. We have equipped ourselves with necessary instruments, test and measurement equipment based on quality assurance needs. We have been using various quality assurance and management methods and tools in our daily operations.

Our IT system software platforms are playing important roles in our quality assurance and management, including MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for our production line, SAP for our management information including customer orders, materials and supply chain, financial etc, and PDM for document management and project management.

Pivotone Corporate Quality Policy

Customer Focus; ‘Professionalism, Integrity, Vision’; Continuous Improvement in Process, Products and Services.

Quality Assurance Process