Social Responsibility

We declare that we shall obey and follow below regulations:

1) Prohibit the use of child labor, shall not accept any supplier who uses child labor.

2) Respect for freedom of work and shall prohibit any form of forced labor.

3) Provide the safe and healthy work and/or living conditions so as to ensure the safety and health of workers.

4) Promote cooperation between employers and employees, respect for the legitimate right to freedom of association and collective bargaining.

5) Provide an equal and equitable working environment and to prohibit any form of discrimination.

6) Respect for the fundamental human rights of workers and forbid any form of humiliating behavior.

7) Reasonable arrangements for production planning, reasonable arrangements for workers’ working hours, rest and leave.

8) Provide legal wages and benefits, at least to meet the basic needs of workers.

9) Follow the integrity, law-abiding, clean self-discipline, protect intellectual property rights, fair trade, encourage community participation.