【Job Responsibility】 

1、 Responsible for the material cost control, analysis, and pricing & purchasing risk analysis and control, 

2 Handle the price inquiries, quotations, analyses, comparisons and negotiations, as well as the purchasing of the material. 

【Skills and Requirements】 

1Familiar with the communication equipment industry, with one year or more purchasing experience in mechanical machining, metal molding, electronic components and electromechanical products 

2 Electronic components and parts purchasing experience is preferred 

3 Familiar with the purchasing process and ISO9001-2000 quality system

4 Familiar with government taxation and related local policies

5Strong communication, coordination and negotiation skills

6 Good problem-solving skills

7 Can work well under pressure and even in emergencies 

8Works proactively and effectively, with a strong sense of responsibility

9 High sense of integrity, honesty and professionalism.

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