Mechanical Engineer(CNC)

【Description of the Job】 

1、Responsible for setting up and programming related equipment (CNC, numerical mill machine) for the machining of communication equipment parts 

2 Responsible for the operation and management of the numerical mill machine, CNC etc. 

3Management of the mechanical machining team and plant 



1BSc (?) MSc or PhD in mechanical engineering 

2 3 or more years work experience in CNC engineering

3 Very familiar with the set up process, CNC MasterCAM programming, tooling and making fixtures 

4 Experienced in the machining and handling of different materials, especially Aluminum alloy, Copper, Brass etc. 

5Responsible, hard working, can handle work pressure and overtime schedule if needed 

6People oriented, solid team player 

7Takes job assignments and can finish them on time independently 

8 Experienced in on-site management, can manage a team to carry out assigned projects

9 Has a strong sense of product costs, development cycle, and quality and process control

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