Mechanical Engineer

【Job Description】

1、Responsible for the mechanical design and development of communication equipment (passive and active RF products) 

2 Responsible for  the mechanical design and development of RF modules and communication system products

3 Carriesout the R&D production transferring and optimization process 

4 Works with the manufacturing department to enhance reliability and reduce costs 

5 Supports the sales and marketing department for customer-driven  product development 

6Supports the production line in solving process, manufacture, and mechanical quality control related issues. 

【Skill and Requirement】 

1BSc MSc or PhD in mechanical, metal material, or electromechanical engineering

23 or more years of work experience (WEFE or JV experience is preferred) 

3Familiar with: mechanical machining, sheet metal, punching, thermal analysis and processing, surface processing, and packaging.

4Familiar with the mechanical design of communication products (thermal, conducting, signaling, surface loss, integration etc.) 

5 Familiar with the R&D process and product process

6Has a strong sense of quality control

7 Good English reading and writing skills, oral communication skills are an asset

8A good, solid team player with a strong sense of integrity 

9 Good communication and leadership skills 

10 Willing to work within a fast growing company environment

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