Vice minister of industry and information department Weiming Mao visited Pivotone on Mar 25th 2014


  On March 25, 2014, Weiming Mao, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Department visited our company. The additional people in attendance included Huaijin Gong, Deputy Director of Economy and Information Committee in Jiangsu ProvinceWang Quan, the Mayor of Wuxi city; Yaguang Gao, Director of Economy and Information Committee of Wuxi city; Qiufeng Li, Head of Huishan District and Wenbin Cao, Deputy Head of Huishan District.

  Weiming Mao and other leaders visited the production workshop and R&D center and carefully listened to the introduction and explanation by the company leaders on site at the company. The GM, Mr Liang, made a special report about the enterprise culture, technical advantages, innovation team, focused products, customers and the development direction in the future. He also gave suggestions about China, notably how to further enhance the core competitiveness of products in the wireless radio frequency and microwave field. Deputy Minister Weiming Mao fully affirmed the achievements of our company in recent years. He hopes our company will continue to increase its investment in Research and Development, constantly make new, innovative products and make a great contribution to improving the core competitiveness of wireless industry.

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