GC Liang, CEO & President

Dr. GC Liang, bachelor degree from Nanjing University of Science & Technology in 1978-1982, master degree from Electronic Science & Technology in 1982-1985, Doctor degree from University of California Berkeley in 1986-1990.

GC founded Pivotone in 2009. Before Pivotone, he also founded Allrizon in Shanghai as President in 2002 which was acquired by Smith group from UK in 2008; co-founded Conductus in US as VP in 1989-2002 which went public in Nasdaq in 1994; co-founded Aspiring Corporation in US as VP in 1987-1988 which was jointly acquired by 5 American companies; co-founded Eagle Communications in US in 1986-1987 which was acquired by Motorola back then.

GC has hold a number of membership and acted as editor in IEEE & MTT, published over 50 technical papers in related industry magazines, owns by himself or jointly with his team over 10 patents in US and 80 patents in China.

GC used to work as consultant to Japanese telecommunication industry authority. He has been selected as an honorable member of A Thousand Talents Program by Chinese government.

The Pivotone management team and its Sales team, R&D team, Project team, Quality team, Production team, Supplier Management team, IT team etc, have been built up and led by experienced industry professionals from China and around the world.