Product Development

Our product development starts from sample build to NPI finish. The main responsible teams are R&D, CNC machining center, NPI, and final verification test by Design Quality team. The Project Management team is coordinating the whole process. Below is a brief chart of our product development procedure.

Pivotone’s R&D team include: RF engineers, mechanical engineer, control circuit and software engineers etc.

Our NPI team has experienced engineers, test engineer and technicians working closely with R&D team for product sample build, verification test, and responsible for new material qualification verification, and manufacturing processing development (SOP, and from DFMEA to PFMEA) during New Production Introduction.

We have well equipped for product development in house, including CNC machines, various instruments for tuning, testing and measurement, various test equipment for environmental and reliability test. The product golden samples shall be shipped with First Article Report based on the verification tests by most of our own instruments and equipment in house, according to customer’s Requirement Specification.

CNC Center


PIM Test

Salt Spray Test

Temp Chamber

Vibration Test

Drop Test


Aging Test

Film Thickness Measuremen

RF Product Examples

Microwave Product Examples 

Off the Shelf Product Examples