RF Engineer(Active)

【Job Description】

1、 Responsible for RF active product development 

2Responsible for the active design of communication system products 

3Design of LNA, TMA, microwave switches, phase shifters, Base Station front ends, RRUs and related detector and control circuits 

4Carry out product prototype design, product transferring process and optimization

5 Work with the manufacturing department to reduce costs and enhance product reliability 

6Provide technical support for sales department

7 Provide technical support for the production line and process control 

【Skill and Requirement】

1BSc MSc or PhD in communications or electronics 

2 5 years or more work experience (WOFE or JV experience is preferred) 

3 Has R&D capability in RF module and front end

4 Good system design skills

5Written technical reports, published papers or patents (preferred)

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