RF Engineer(Passive)

【Job Description】 

1 Responsible for RF passive product development

2Responsible for passive design of communication system products l Design of filters, duplexers, combiners, attenuators, antenna parts, RF frontends, subsystems and RRUs 

3 Product prototype design, product transferring processes and optimization processes

4 Work with the manufacturing department to reduce costs and enhance product reliability 

5Provide technical support for the sales department 

6 Provide technical support for the production line and process control. 

【Skills and Requirements】 

1 BSc in communications, and electrical engineering, or related field

23 years or more work experience (WOFE or JV  experience is preferred) 

3 Strong R&D capability in RF design, module and front end

4Written technical reports, published papers or patents (preferred

5Familiar with the communication industry and communication equipment product principles

6Familiar with the R&D process, product development process 

7Values high quality products and work environment

8Good English reading and writing skills, oral communication skills are an asset

9 A good, solid team player with high integrity 

10 Good communication skills and is willing to work within a fast growing environment

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